Today we’re going to be doing something very unique again my ID 100% and it is dirty would you rather. Well it was supposed to be a regular would you rather but you guys turned it into something with a dirty, juicy and I favored it all the ones that I thought were juicing else to be in this post. Okay so if you’re not of age or age of like maybe 15 or 16 I recommend clicking off of this post because it will contain some readers sensitive content. Let’s just get right into this.



Would you rather do anal with three giant scorpions until your anus is ripped off or get a blowjob from a shark?

Those both sound extremely pleasant but I’m going to have to pick a blowjob from the shark. Because I’m not a bottom that was a great one to start off.


Would you rather have your nudes leak or have a rumor going around that you have a sex tape?

Well, considering I don’t do that type of stuff I would want a rumor going around that I have sex tape because there is no video of that or anything like that of that sort.


Would you rather make out with Bella Thorne or Lauren Beach?

I love you so much heart and this is a really hard choice but like I’m debating whether to say it or not. I don’t think I’m gonna add Lauren.


Would you rather someone talk dirty to you over the phone or over iMessage?

I can’t picture myself talking dirty over the phone like imagine that oh yeah baby you’re doing that right or just texting like something sexual over text message. It’s just less awkward over text message so I’m going to take text message, I’d rather do it over text message if I did that type of stuff I I don’t, I don’t do that. (anyway, there are more apps)


Would you rather fuck a horse or get butt fucked by Mikey?

Nene bitch I’m at a bottom. Oh, my gosh, court this one like sounds painful.


Would you rather put a toothpick in between your toenail and kick a wall or eat dogs that?

I would definitely kick a wall. I guess goodbye I’m gonna have to grow a new toenail because I’m not eating anything else’s that is disgusting that comes out of a butt.


Would you rather sleep with your ex or a prostitute?

As much as I don’t like my ex a hundred and fifty percent of a prostitute.


Would you rather have all your friends hates you or all your fans hate you? 

All my friends already hate me.


Would you rather make out with Lauren Beach or make out with the fan? 

What’s up with you guys in Warren Beach? Well, Warren Beach I guess we’re making out.


Would you rather have your dick cut off or have to eat a girl out on her period? 

Why would I have to eat a girl out on her period why this one these ones hard. Have my dick cut off one has to eat a girl out and taste all have blood and all that disgusting other period fluid stuff that comes out. I’m going to have to ahead happy that out call me a vampire for a day.


Would you rather walk in on your mom having sex or would you have sex with a fan?

Dude I couldn’t even imagine my mom having sex. I’d be so freaking weird. I think my mom’s still a virgin so I’m gonna have to say I’m gonna have to walk in on my mom having sex.


Would you rather make out with Christian Burns aka AIDS or get your wiener stapled to a desk?

I’m going to have to get my wiener stapled to a desk. I think that is way better than making out Christian birth.